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About us


Flourish Culinary, a social enterprise in Singapore, celebrates creativity, artisanal food & applied learning for the different spirited youth with varies degree of challenges or needs.

With an extended burning mission to accomplish more to bring in actively the spirit of "一地五千", loosely translated into delivering an social impact for five thousand people in one locality, :IAM is created.

As we know that not all graduates of special needs can leap and jump straight into and be adapted to full swing employment. We reckon that for some, the interim is important to bridge that gap.

At the core, :IAM by Flourish, the project, has the vision of providing a safe and caring environment for progressive learning, an interim and transitional employment before that full leap.

The dream is to make this an eco system done through various ways from fair trade, skill set empowerment, transitional employability, to providing a platform to even start having their own little business with their caregiver.


Youth in the Kitchen


Youths at road show